Pot Shops Facing Dwindling Supply of Goods

Demand was so brisk at Colorado’s new retail marijuana stores the first two days, that store owners are already worrying about how they will replenish their inventory.

Toni Fox, owner of  3D Cannabis Center in Denver, says she thought she had enough to last until February, but demand has been so high, she is going to run out.  As a medical marijuana dispensary, her store averaged 25 sales a day.  On Wednesday, the store accommodated 450 buyers, and had to turn 60 away..
Fox says other store owners share her predicament.

Now, she said, marijuana store owners will all be scrambling to find wholesale distributors, especially on marijuana-infused products like edibles and beverages.

Replenishing isn’t a simple matter — you can’t grow  marijuana in one  day.  But fortunately for Fox and other store owners, someone had the foresight to  anticipate the need for temporary labor and started a temp agency called Hemp Temps:

Fox has a harvest ready to be trimmed, she said. And she will hire temporary staffers from Hemp Temps, a Denver based staffing company that specializes in growing, trimming and bud-tending.

On their website, Hemp Temps says:

We are the original, first, and only cannabis industry full-staffing company that focuses on meeting *all* staffing needs. Here at Hemp Temps, we combine years of experience and knowledge into a comprehensive understanding of the ins and outs of the MMJ industry. ….We are a Colorado company, based in Denver. We match dispensaries and grow facilities with top notch Hemp Temps to assist with their growing, trimming, bud-tending, and general industry needs.